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Welcome to Dental Implant Centre at Pawleys Island!

Meet Dr. Joe Gillespie

Hello, I am Dr. Joe Gillespie and I am happy to offer a number of wonderful Techniques to my patients using dental implants. We have a unique mantra here at the Dental Implant Centre of using minimally invasive techniques with a focus on delivering timely and efficient care.

Our office motto is simple: To provide high quality patient focused care, marrying the latest high tech innovation and strength, with a soft and delicate touch.

I look forward to meeting you and offering a number of options to help you return your smile and oral health. Please come by and take advantage of our offer of a free thirty minute dental consultation and Xray Evaluation of your dental needs. Seeing you smile more is our mission.

At the Dental Implant Centre, we believe your smile is priceless.

When you visit our location in Pawley’s Island, SC, you will be working with doctors who are committed to ensuring your new smile is everything you’ve dreamed of. We’re focused on providing an experience that strengthens your smile and boosts your confidence for the rest of your life.

Our job is not complete until our patients are completely satisfied. And after, we’re available to help you preserve your investments for many years after. Thanks to a selection of various implant restoration options, we have something for every patient that walks through our doors.

At Dental Implant Centre at Pawleys Island, our goal is to provide current, accurate dental care our patients can rely on.

We strive to:

  • Serve any and all patient’s needs
  • Offer a thorough breakdown of a patient’s case so they are aware of their options
  • Respond to our patients expectations and stay within their budget
  • Inform the patient about scalable dentistry and the options for upgrades on the implants
  • Promote general health and wellness with the provision of ample chewing function
Why Choose Us?

A team of dedicated dentists passionate about your oral health.

We are a mini dental implant provider incorporating advanced technology and modern tooth replacement techniques to give you the form and function of a smile that nature intended. Schedule a consultation today to see just how we can help you.

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Phone: (843) 885-1994
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